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What is SMO?

Social Media is another step in letting the world know about your brand. If content is fire, social media is gasoline. The phenomenal popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. has made it imperative for the brands to advertise on these platforms.

At DIGIFISH, we believe there are four stepping stones of social media success-


There is a vision, a story that drives every brand. And social media is all about telling that story to the world so that people out there can relate to you beyond the preliminary need for what you and other brands are selling. We, as your companion in this journey, listen to your story and present it to the world in a way that it stays there for long.


Keeping pace with change is the key in social media. There is nothing more dynamic in the online world than the trends of social media. The network is ever evolving and we have to evolve too. We have to be conscious about what is happening in the social world on day-to-day basis and then put our message with assertion. We don’t want to be too pushy and aggressive, but just speak our minds to win over the consumer.


Social media is not all about talking, but listening too. A good communication strategy is always two-way. After an effective strategy in place and everything is going smooth, we need to take a breath to understand what the ‘other side’ is saying and find out if there is any problem with our offerings.


In this world of virtual networks, there is no rule book to survive. One who wants to be successful must embrace the need to adapt to continuous changes which might sometimes mean scraping off a ready-to-go strategy and starting with a new one immediately. It is survival of the quickest, and we are the quickest.

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“A brand is not made by what we tell people, it makes its name by what the customers tell each other. Hence, social media is not about what you sell, it’s about how well you tell your story to the world.”

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