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What is SEO?

The internet is a jungle of uncountable websites and a person who needs something will go to the one he finds first in this web of information. It is everyone’s belief that what ranks higher on Google is naturally more authentic. 80% of people on Google Search page click on the Organic Links. So, apart from increased visibility, a good page ranking on Google improves your credibility in the World Wide Web.

So, the two pillars of connecting to your consumers online are Visibility and Credibility. This is where the entire game of search engine optimization comes into play. DIGIFISH strives to understand the nuances of being noticed by Google’s complex algorithms and develop highly effective strategies that will help your business connect with the target consumers online and generate qualified leads.

What makes DIGIFISH an awesome SEO company?

Apparently, you don’t need some black-magic secret to be awesome at SEO, just a few people with professional outlook. We at DigiFish are so confident about our SEO know how that we work on a commitment based model which allows us to give you quantifiable results. So the bottom-line is- No performance, No payment.

How much does this awesome SEO cost?

The budget for an SEO Campaign will vary based on parameters like current website traffic, search volume of keywords etc. It can range from INR 50,000 per month to INR 1 lac per month or more.

What sort of guarantees are there?

At DigiFish, we are adaptable in our approach, and execute the campaign as per a client’s preferences. The two types of guarantees we provide are-

  • Keyword based – A specified number of keywords will be ranked on Google 1st page within the committed time-frame.
  • Traffic based – Your website will get a specific number of organic visits within the committed time-frame.

Who will be in charge of my SEO?

If your SEO budget exceeds a predefined value, we will appoint a dedicated Account Manager who will act as your Single Point of Contact (SPOC). He will coordinate with the internal team to ensure smooth execution of a campaign, and will keep you regularly updated on the work progress.

What is DIGIFISH’s secret?

Apparently, SEO is the language of the World Wide Web and as languages, there is no hard and fast rule in SEO. The three principles that we at DIGIFISH employ for every SEO campaign are-

  • Ethical work with White Hats on
  • Compliance with Google Guidelines
  • User-Centric Approach

Why SEO is Important for Businesses?

First of all, SEO is not paid marketing, which is why the visibility and the leads generated are organic. With continued SEO activity, website performance improves continuously and consistently, ultimately contributing to the ROI of your business from the digital end.


Want results, not restrains? Looks like we are thinking alike.

For all but the biggest campaigns, we don’t use lock-in contracts because we know we don’t need them. If you’re unhappy with the service, you’re welcome to leave without any penalty fee. But trust us, you’ll want to stay.

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