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What is SEM?

If we want to make our brand known to the public, SEO is not enough. We also have to practice something more predictable and evolutionary. The answer here is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM helps in precise targeting along with the availability of track-able and measurable data.

The internet is a clustered place and we, at DIGIFISH, make every effort in making your brand visible to the world. There are three aspects of SEM-


Since SEM is a method of paid digital advertising, it is very important to know your target audience and break it down into different target groups. Our objective here is to use the right serving technique on the correct platform. We do this by profiling your buys and understanding their online habits and then mapping it according to the relevant time of day and online activities. This is all you need to kick start your online campaign.


Our job does not end on targeting the campaign based on the target group’s behaviour. The next step is to know whether your message is reaching them and having the desired effect. Google offers various tools and techniques to keep a track on your campaign’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It includes everything from online traffic to website registration to the direct sales.


Through a comprehensive study of the KPI, Conversion Rate and CTR, we will be able to understand the true nature of your campaign about whether it needs tweaking and optimization to harvest better data results. Experiments related to Design Elements and Call to Action will then be implemented accordingly.

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“You can spend every penny you have on your website but it will be of nothing if nobody knows your site is there. And Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the secret behind quality lead generation.”

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