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What is Creative Development?

Creatives are the language of online advertising. And we, at DIGIFISH, make this language more artistic and imaginative to garner more engagement.


The idea is to make you stand unique in the vast world of internet. This is done by translating your brand’s personality into visuals through a website. Everything matters- from the color of your logo to the navigation aspects. . It is not enough to make a website look elegant and crisp. It also needs to deliver on easy usability and logical work flow. There has to be a right balance of visuals and content to make the website search engine friendly.


The website needs to look unique but at the same time should be so user friendly that within 3-4 clicks and/or screens a purchase can be made. So our motto is- Minimum Clicks, Maximum Action.


Establishing a fast converting matrix is vital for any paid campaign. Going from a lucrative looking banner to an informative landing page and finally submitting information should be a smooth job. This needs professional expertise which we have plenty.


With so many people updating so much information into their social feeds, it is quite a task to make creatives for Facebook, Twitter etc. that stand out in the crowd. These creatives are then judged based on their performance at various times of the day to understand ‘what clicks when!’

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“The language of the online world is visual and creatives are the soul of this visual conversation.”

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