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What is Brand Positioning?

You know your brand is the best but how do you make the world realize it? Why would a consumer opt for you among countless other providers? This is the reason why your brand deserves the centre stage which is achieved via ‘Brand Positioning’. Positioning is to make sure that your brand is:

  • Unique and distinctive
  • Appropriate for all geographic areas
  • Reasonable and Encouraging
  • Sustainable

When you work with DigiFish, you will never miss the positioning aspect. Through our professional branding workshops, we penetrate right into the minds of the target audience and into the heart of a professional intention.

What is Brand Identity?

Unlike Positioning, Brand Identity is about knowing the fundamentals of your own brand first. This is about delving deep into the core truths of your own brand, knowing what makes it different from others. This is how your own designers and copywriters get to understand what they are basically working for. It is only through the uniqueness of your logo, colour scheme, slogan and style that you effectively position your brand in the market.

What is Brand Development?

We love a good brand audit! From market research to brand equity reporting, target and customer feedback to KPI reviewing – it’s key to ascertain the all-round brand attributes before embarking on brand development.

No matter what the project, brand positioning, strategy and key message development will be in the mix before we move on to purposeful design. As a full-service marketing agency, Pull Digital can help you through the complete brand development journey but we also offer brand development consultancy for clients who already have in-house design teams.

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“Identity is cause; brand is effect. And the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter”. - Larry Ackerman.

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