Understanding the New Customer Journey in Online Marketing

A customer is not just a person who buys your product or service. Over several years of study, the online market researchers have found out what a customer journey actually means. Mapping the customer journey in digital marketing is important to find out the decision making patterns of your customers and to leverage it to the benefit of your business. The companies need to understand a customer’s journey because their job is not only to sell a product but also to deepen the relationship with the customers and convert them into loyal advocates of their brand.

The newest study suggests that there are three stages of a buyer’s journey- Buy, Own and Advocate. It is a brand’s responsibility to give their hundred percent in the first two stages; only then the buyer will reach the advocacy stage. However, most of the companies, nowadays, do not realize this and concentrate their efforts of achieving the best results in buying stage. Once a customer buys the product, they think their job is done.

Contrarily, it is very important for the brands to understand the new customer journey in order to create loyal customers who will not only like the brand but will also defend it in the market. The idea is to make the buyers love your brand. Love for a brand, in its most passionate sense, will make the buyer trust on your product and the next time he will skip the research step before buying and will come to you for the product. He will also recommend your brand to his acquaintances.

We, as a brand, need to support the customers in whatever stage they are. If it is the research phase, where the buyer is looking for the alternatives of a particular product, we need to assist him and persuade him to buy our product. After he owns the product, the marketers could ask for a feedback and support them with its installation, maintenance (in case of a tangible product) or any other after sale service. The mantra is just being there for the customer at every stage.

Marketers need to carry out the mapping of customer journey for a known customer group as well as for the disparate customers who do not fall in any category. A good study will go a long way in amplifying the results of your advertising campaigns.