Is Mobile Marketing Your Cup of Tea?

Is Your Brand is ready for Mobile Marketing?

In this digital era, mobile has brought about an evolutionary shift in human behaviour. Smartphones have acted like the most critical drivers of the digital revolution. They rose from being an object of necessity to the most important accessory of the modern world. Today, the most trivial and the most complex activities are carried out through smartphones. This mobile revolution made it imperative for digital marketing companies to focus on mobile marketing and bringing their brand closer to the prospects on their 4.5 inch screen.

Realising that a major part of advertising is going to be through smartphones in the future, it was important for digital marketers to evolve and reinvent themselves to suit the growing need of digital advertising on mobile. Graphic designers, who were restricted to create designs to be posted online, later evolved into UI/UX specialists in order to provide the customers with a better user experience. The segment was even more fuelled by the mobile applications that brought forward a paradigm shift in the industry. Android and iOS offered platforms for the growth of mobile applications which have now become an inseparable part of the urban life.

To make the most of their digital marketing campaign, brands need to understand why mobile marketing is important for their brand. They also need to make sure that their brand is ready for mobile advertising.

The first step in the journey is to create a mobile responsive web design that works well on smartphones. In its last major change named ‘Mobilegeddon’, Google made it pretty clear that they want to deliver a good user experience on the mobile screens as well. It came out as a warning to the brands that did not invest their energies and budget into making the websites more mobile friendly. Google has also launched the mobile friendly Test tool to help the websites check if there website is responsive on mobile screens.

Here is a chart showing how mobile responsive the top websites are:


It shows that only 18.7 per cent of the 10,000 top-tier websites are mobile friendly which means that there is an immense scope for development in the field of making websites more responsive. A similar analysis in 2013 done by Brian Klais off Pure Oxygen Labs brought into light that out of the Fortune 100 companies, only 11% have mobile responsive websites which is a tragic figure.


Google’s study also made it clear that it is very important for the website to give their fullest when creating a mobile responsive design. If you are not sure that your brand will be able to take off successfully with a responsive design, you must not venture into the area. Focus on giving your hundred percent through the corporate websites if you are not sure that mobile responsive design would be effective for your brand or not.