Mantras of Knowing Your Target Audience Better

Everybody tells you to know the audience before designing your digital marketing strategy but no one shows you the way how. This is the first step of designing any strategy because when you do not know who you are targeting, the next step is surely going to go wrong. With rapid changes in marketing trends and people getting more tech-savvy, it is important to resort to the practical and effective ways of getting to know your audience.

So, let us talk about a few things that make the basis of knowing your audience:

Thorough Research : This is, practically, the first and foremost step of any marketing function. To know the audience, you need to select an area and demographic and in order to ensure that you have chosen the right ones, research is necessary. It is not about sticking to a particular demographic and just knowing more about it, you must branch out to the related segments that you found through the key specifics of your selected group. The point is that you should be able to give a few undeniable statements about your target audience. There are a few tools available online which help you look at deeper information about the people belonging to your niche.

One of the great ways of researching is to study your competitor- what is their marketing strategy, who are they targeting, etc. Know what tools are they using, even if it turns out wrong, in the end you know what not to do.

Knowing Your Target Niche : Creating a customer persona is one of the most efficient methods of knowing your audience better. Basically, the company has to create a fictional character which has certain characteristics that you found out in the research phase. Categorize such characters on the basis of gender, area, marital status, or whatever matters to your strategy. And then you have to think from these characters’ perspective while designing a market strategy.

A personal connection with your people is also a great way to know what excites them or what disturbs them and drives them away. But this can only be done if you are already dealing with a bunch of customers as such method cannot be applied to an audience in general.

Evaluating Engagements  : Content marketing is the best form of marketing, nowadays. And if you are promoting your brand on social media (which you must), you can utilize the engagement statistics to know your audience better. Take a niche and see what type of content are they liking and sharing the most and what type of content is not attracting their attention. Keep such information in mind when designing a strategy targeting this particular niche.

You can also study their external social habits to know what excites them apart from the stuff related to your brand. Know what brands are they connecting with and why. All this will be very helpful in creating an effective marketing strategy.

Conducting Surveys : Get on the survey websites and conduct surveys to know more about your customers or you can just make them fill a survey form. Whatever you want to know, just put it in the form of a question and you will get the answers.

Know your audience better and design a kick-ass strategy.