Follow These Basic Rules to Get More Leads on Mobile Devices

Do you want to stay in the digital marketing field for long? Then stay relevant and be mobile-friendly. When we talk about going mobile, we are not just talking about designing a mobile-friendly website but about a whole bunch of things that together make your brand suitable for this world that has shrunk down to 5-inch screens.

The basic idea behind this is to make more people find you on their mobiles, know about your brand, buy from you and stay connected to you. In order to generate more leads on mobile devices, there are a few things you need to take care of-

1- Post Content in Right Order : Since the mobile screen is much smaller than a laptop, you will find it easier to post content on it. However, the same factor brings a limitation- it does not let the user promptly find what is important. Hence it is indispensable for you to follow the right order of content. A rule of thumb says that the order of content on a mobile device should be- who, what, why. A user’s mind follows a train of thought; he would like to know who you are before you shove the benefits of your product into his mind.

2- Use Lesser Form Fields
: Apparently, visitors on a mobile device do not want to see a form to fill out as soon as they visit your site. Companies make this mistake of using the desktop form for mobile viewers which irritates them. On a desktop, it makes sense to use two different fields for ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. Whereas, on a mobile site, one should prefer a single ‘full name’ field. Reducing the fields is one of the most effective ways of letting people stay on the website for longer.


3- Use Suitable Keypads According to Field Type :
Lead generation requires the users to fill the form and this is where you have to be the friendliest. One common issue that they face is that the same keypad is prompted for different fields. However, you should offer an interface wherein the user does not have to jump between different keypad types. Take a look-


4- Long Page Design Requires Multiple CTA : When you are talking (a lot) about your product on the mobile design, the users will have to scroll down, way more than what is needed on the desktop. Suppose you put a CTA after the first paragraph, but the user makes up his mind after reading down till the end. So he might not even remember that there was a CTA link on top. In that case you might lose a potential client. So put duplicate CTAs after a few talking.

5- Use CTAs that Encourage Calling
: When reaching out to a user on mobile, try a different CTA. People are lazy, nowadays, and they would like to call instead of filling out a form. So use a similar CTA, like ‘call now’ or just give a number.

6- Set up an Interactive Page : Since it is a mobile device, people would like to click on everything they come across and find interesting. So make it interactive; if you have graphics to represent the features of your product or service, make them clickable.

7- Do Not Use Hovering Over Content
: Mobile users will not be able to see the information that is hidden under the hover tag since they are not using a mouse. Still some of the websites tend to make this mistake. Mobile users can only tap, so let them do that only.

These are the basic rules to get mobile marketing right. When you implement these rules, you may see different results. Study, analyze and continue.