Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms: Move Over Numbers and Excel Sheets

Accounting is an important part of any business. Though it does not get much limelight like the marketing and operations arms of a company, accounting is some serious business. From helping your company in keeping track of all the monetary matters and giving you some serious tax related advice, it deserves all the importance. However, for the independent accounting firms operating at a small level, getting new clients and increasing the reach is a really difficult task.

This is where digital marketing comes into play. Today, we will talk about designing a digital marketing strategy for accounting firms which will help your business earn a leadership position in the professional world.

1- Create a Responsive Web Design : The first advice anyone will give you is to move over the basic HTML design, it is a long gone thing. You have to understand that a larger bunch of people will be accessing your website on their smartphones or tablets. So you need to make it HTML5 compatible in order to give your viewers the best ever experience wherever they visit your site.

2- Focus on Domain Specific Content Creation : There are numerous websites that are trying to sell the same services to your clients. So you need to differ by creating domain specific content. A prospective client will look for something different and you can make this difference in terms of how you pitch your strategy to the client. The client will research your website for what you do, so he should find something that defines you, that makes them think- ‘This is different”.

3- Make an authentic Corporate Blog : Blogs are the perfect way of creating an image of your brand in the minds of prospective clients. In the online world where there is numerous talent in various fields, you have to prove your talent through one way or the other. Creating a corporate blog is a good way to go. It will keep the people posted about what you know in the field and imparts more trust.

4- Post Video Content : It is easier for an accounting firm to create videos giving out advice and telling about the new trends in the field. You can use Google Hangouts or just post your videos on YouTube to attract prospective clients.

5- Post Content Relevant to the Common Man : Not every connection on the online world will be a learned accounts professional. So you have to post some liquid content that matches the thought of a common man. Find what they are looking for and how your company can provide the solution to that problem. For example, you can give out some general tax advice.

6- Go Smart with Gated Content : Wherever you think that the client will move to the next step that is sales, use some smart gated content. Ask them for their email and other details that will count as leads for you.

And lastly, you are an accounting firm so it does not mean that you are all about numbers. Post some light hearted content to make the readers feel good about your brand.