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What is Anime- 2D & Interactive Videos

Videos are the trendiest way of getting your message to the target audience. There are four factors that make interactive videos so valuable-

  • Emotional Appeal
  • Easy Consumption
  • Upholds Credibility and Branding
  • Purposeful Approach

And when DIGIFISH takes up the responsibility of your content Viral-ity via videos, we assure an optimized interactive solution that is readily reachable to the audience. The making of a kick-ass video involves-


So we know your brand story but we need to put up a video that becomes memorable for the audience. It is only after several hours of brainstorming and gibber-jabber that a brilliant idea is born.

Seeing through the mind’s eye

Not every idea looks good on screen, so here comes the visualizing part. The narrative is thought of as a video story and put out there in front of critics. Some ideas just float above the water while others drown. And those that are afloat make it to the storyboard.

Putting it into words

Then the narrative is broken down into several parts, characters are fleshed out, they are given voices, and a whole lot of work is done. All this requires highly creative minds at work only after which the screenplay is ready.

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“Most people retain 95% of the message in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text. Videos are the perfect transporters of your story, from you to the world.”

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